How can we as commercial property owner/developer contribute to the un 17 global sustainability goals?

What do we as property owners/developers do to contribute to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Developement Goals?

To begin with we always apply the Pareto Principle (The 80 / 20 Rule) that in essence states that 80% of you outcome in any given area usually derives from 20% of you activities.

When it comes to the hard core CO2 savings, it is good to begin by hiring an energy consultant to go through your properties technical equipment and prfioritize where you get the most leverage saving. It can be everything from changing ventilation to adjusting valves for the water heating system.

When it comes to the social aspects of the sustainability goals you must go through the goals and se what can be applicable to your business.

We have done and are in the process of doing the below actions.

How do you intend to contribute?